Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control

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Inaugural Workshop: AI for Dynamic Systems

University of Washington, Seattle
March 16-17, 2022

Local Organizers
Steven L. Brunton (Mechanical Engineering)
J. Nathan Kutz (Applied Mathematics)


Full Schedule [PDF]


Wednesday, March 16, HUB LYCEUM


8:30am Continental Breakfast
9:00am Welcome and Introduction


9:30am Greg Hyslop, Boeing Company


Title: Solving Hard Problems to Change the World
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10:30am Li Na, Harvard University [VIEW]


Title: Scalable and Safe Learning-based Decision-Making in Dynamical Systems
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11:30am Lunch


1:30pm Shirley Ho, Flatiron Institute and NYU [VIEW]


Title: Interpretable Learning in Physical Systems
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2:30pm Hod Lipson, Columbia University [VIEW]


Title: Automatic Discovery: From Cognitive Robotics to Particle Physics
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4pm PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of AI in Engineering: Shirley Ho (Flatiron), Hod Lipson (Columbia), Li Na (Harvard), Jihui Yang (Washington), Guillermo Miranda (Boeing), Louis Terminello (PNNL), Nathan Baker (PNNL)


Thursday March 17, HUB LYCEUM



8:30am Continental Breakfast


9:00am John Wright, Columbia University [VIEW]


Title: Recent Directions in Nonconvexity: Methods, Landscapes and Learning Architectures
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9:30am Krithika Manohar, Washington [VIEW]


Title: Optimal Sensors for Empowering AI
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10:00am Dominique Zosso, Montana State University [VIEW]


Title: Graph-Based Geometric Data Analysis
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10:30am Aditya Nair and Floris van Breugel, University of Nevada Reno [VIEW]


Title: Leveraging Machine Learning to Discover Network-based Models and Bespoke Observers for Nonlinear Dynamics
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11:00am Zhuoyuan Song, June Zhang, Frankie Zhu , University of Hawaii Manoa [VIEW]


Title: Introducing our Colleagues in Hawaii: Updates and Open Challenges
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1pm PANEL DISCUSSION: AI Education in the Engineering Sciences: Nathan Kutz (Washington), Krithika Manohar (Washington), Frankie Zhu (Hawaii), Floris van Breugel (Nevada), Katie Banner (Montana State), Jodi Mead (Boise State)


230pm Poster Session & Reception (South HUB Ballroom) [ POSTERS ]