Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control

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J. Nathan Kutz, Director
Robert Bolles and Yasuko Endo Professor

Website: [ VIEW ]

Department of Applied Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & eScience Institute


Research: Data-driven modeling, dynamical systems & machine learning, optical and atomic physics, neuroscience



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Steven L. Brunton, Associate Director
James B. Morrison Endowed Career Development Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Website: [ VIEW ]

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics & eScience Institute


Research: Data-driven modeling, control theory, dynamical systems & machine learning, fluid dynamics and turbulence



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Krithika Manohar, Thrust Lead: Sensing and Optimization
Assistant Professor

Website: [ VIEW ]

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research: Data-driven modeling, sensors & sensor placement, dynamical systems & machine learning



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David Beck
Research Associate Professor

Website: [ VIEW ]

Department of Chemical Engineering, Computer Science & eSciences Institute


Research: Data intensive biology and chemistry, data mining, open-source biological data



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Maryam Fazel
Moorthy Family Professor

Website: [ VIEW ]

Department of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science


Research: Data science, optimization, robotics and control



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Daniela Witten
Dorothy Gilford Endowed Chair of Mathematical Statistics

Website: [ VIEW ]

Department of Biostatistics & Statistics


Research: Statistical learning, optimization, high-dimensional data





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Lauren Lederer
Managing Director
LinkedIn Profile: [ VIEW ]








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Hangjun Cho (2023-present)


Research area: Dynamical systems working with Professor Steve Brunton


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Andrei Klishin (2022-present)


Research Area: Dynamical Systems, Networks, Systems

PhD 2020 - Physics - University of Michigan (Advisor - Greg van Anders)
Thesis - Statistical physics of design


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Esther Lagemann (2023-present)


Research Area: Physics-informed machine learning working with Steve Brunton


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Christian Lagemann (2023-present)


Research Area: ML/AI working with Steve Brunton


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Prerna Patil (2022-present)


Research Area: Uncertainty Quantification, Model Reduction

PhD 2022 - Mechanical Engineering - University of Pittsburgh (Advisor - Hessam Babaee)
Thesis - Real-time reduced order modeling of high-dimensional partial differential equations via time dependent subspaces


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Doris Voina (2022-present)


Research Area: Computational Neuroscience, Data-Driven Modeling

PhD 2022 - Applied Mathematics - Washington (Advisor - Eric Shea-Brown)
Thesis - A discovery of neural network architectures for context-dependent computations


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Philippe Wyder (2024-present)


PhD 2024 - Mechanical Engineering - Columbia University (Advisor - Hod Lipson)


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Ryan Raut (2021-present)


Research Area: Neuroscience

PhD 2021 - Neuroscience - Washington University (Advisor - Marcus Raichle)
Thesis - On arousal and the internal regulation of brain function: theory and evidence across modalities and species




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Mel Mashiku


Research Scientist/Engineer, January 2023 — September 2024




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Sam Anhert (PhD student)



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Yuxuan Bao (PhD student)



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Mars Gao (PhD student)



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Kartik Krishna (PhD student)



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Jake Stevens-Haas (PhD student)



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Dima Tretiak (PhD student)



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Mike Wendels (PhD student)



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Jan Williams (PhD student)



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Joey Williams (PhD student)



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Nick Zolman (PhD student)



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David Zoro (PhD student)



Not Pictured

Fabio Amaral (VISIT student)
Sara Ichinaga (PhD student)
Katie Johnston (PhD student)
Niharika Karnak (PhD student)
Max Kim (BS student)
Pavel Komarov (PhD student)
Anand Krishnan (PhD student)
Yonghun Lee (PhD student)
Sajeda Mokbel (PhD student)
Elias Pratschke (VISIT student)
Samuel Schneider (PhD student)
Past Members

Joe Bakarji (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Anastasia Bizyaeva (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Pauline Brumm (VISIT student)
Gabriel Bufolo (VISIT student)
Paolo Conti (VISIT student)
Olga Dorabiala (PhD student, Postdoctoral Scholar)
Megan Ebers (PhD student, Postdoctoral Scholar)
Urban Fasel (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Emily B. Fox (Professor)
Andy Goldschmidt (PhD student)
Miranda Gong (BS student)
Max A. Grey (graduate student)
Mozes Jacobs (BS student)
Jonas Kneifl (VISIT student)
Henning Lange (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Raphael Leiteritz (visiting student)
Jiazhong (Frank) Mei (PhD student)
Katherine Owens (PhD student)
Cássio Machiaveli Oishi (visiting faculty)
Samuel Otto (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Shaowu Pan (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Mai Peng (BS student)
Marco Pizzoli (VISIT student)
Gonzalo Quinto (BS student)
Levi Rhoden (BS student)
Diya Sashidhar (PhD student)
Isabel Scherl (PhD student)
Utsav Seth (BS student)
Aleksei Sholokov (PhD student)
Yue Sun (PhD student)
Olivia Thomas (PhD student)
Vincent van Wynendaele (visiting student)
Simon Vanpaemel (Visiting (Postdoctoral Scholar))
Xiyi Wang (BS student)
Qichen Xu (BS student)
David Ye (Undergrad student)
Lanyue (Olivia) Zhang (BS student)