Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control

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Workforce Development | Career & Industry Committee

Our goal is to develop a fully integrative plan for tracking, recruiting, and directing our workforce over the next few years of the institute. Our plan will integrate education and knowledge transfer while centrally coordinating the advertisement of opportunities to our community. The institute will be a source of emerging talent in AI-centric engineering and science for academia, engineering companies, technology firms, and national laboratories.


Committee Goals & Milestones


1st year:
  • Track placement of institute postdocs into industry, national laboratories, or academic positions to date
  • Assess existing industry partnerships among institute PIs
  • Determine possible industry partnerships, types of problems (or data) of interest, and what the structure of those partnerships will entail
2nd year:
  • Determine mechanism to disseminate job or internship opportunities, e.g., email list, Slack announcements, etc.
  • Further engagement with PI industry partners: Boeing, Alchemai, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, The Aerospace Corporation, Mitsubishi, Google, Meta, NASA JPL, Astrobotic, Quest Space, DeathStar Developments, Los Alamos National Lab, Redefine Meat, 3DBio, Google Brain, Singularity Energy Inc., and Interstel Technologies
  • Leverage the Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC)’s upcoming, expanded AI/ML related projects to create a pathway for institute student internships and careers
3rd-5th years:
  • Early in this period, create roadmap for interested external parties regarding how to engage with institute
  • Create yearly recruitment engagements as part of the institute workshops. Specifically, bring in the aforementioned companies to engage with our students and postdocs at the end of their training period at the institute.
  • Partner with Curriculum and Education Committee on knowledge transfer
  • Model after plans with BARC projects (see prior) to scale up placement with our other institute and industry partners and national labs

Committee Members

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Chair, J. Nathan Kutz