Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control

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Machine Learning for Science & Engineering

Workshop | UW Seattle Campus | June 27-28, 2023

Physics-informed Machine Learning (ML) continues to emerge as a leading paradigm that integrates artificial intelligence with engineering dynamic systems. This approach provides new capabilities in real-time sensing, learning, decision-making, and predictions that are ethical, efficient, reliable, safe, and imbued with uncertainty quantification. The foundations of physics-informed ML are rooted in four key disciplines: (i) control theory, (ii) probability and statistics, (iii) optimization, and (iv) dynamical systems (modeling). The integration of all four disciplines is critical for the development of ML algorithms that can be leveraged by engineered systems. Establishing rigorous mathematical connections between these disciplines is a driving inspiration for our efforts in reframing the foundations of ML for the engineering sciences.

Target Audience: This workshop brings together members of the AI Institute in Dynamic Systems with the goal of the continued development of teams whose focus is to develop the core mathematical architectures as well as domain applications. (Non-institute members may register, but some topics may be relevant only to those at the institute.)



Registration is now closed. However, Institute members and partner institute members who still need to register may Contact Us to request late registration.


Please check back for schedule updates

Tuesday, June 27

9:30am - 11:00am | Reinforcement Learning Tutorial
Nick Zolman, Ludger Paehler, Vincent van Wynendaele

11:00 - 11:15am | Break

11:15am - 12:30pm | Software Engineering Practices for Research Code
Jacob Stevens-Haas

12:30pm - 2pm | Break

2pm - 3:30pm | Scientific Machine Learning with ChatGPT
Nathan Kutz, Mel Mashiku

Wednesday, June 28

10am - 12pm | Sage Bionetworks Introduction

12pm - 1pm | Break

1pm - 3pm |
CTF Challenge Datasets


*Institute members: Note that our annual NSF Site Visit is taking place Thursday, June 29 - Friday, June 30. You should have received additional information about your involvement via email or our institute-wide meeting. Please keep that in mind before making travel arrangements.



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