Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control

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Building a thriving community through mentorship, inclusion, and ethics.

Our institute believes that having members with different backgrounds, identities, and academic experiences enriches our community. We strive to create a culture that is open and creative, and that promotes a sense of belonging. We also prioritize ethical use of artificial intelligence and responsible handling of data as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.




1st year:
  • Build DEI committee framework
  • Incorporate feedback from institutional review
  • Define mission and goals
  • Capture nationwide demographic data in fields related to artificial learning for dynamic systems
  • Survey institute members to collect demographic information to learn more about our community
2nd year:
  • Create institute-wide code of conduct policy and reporting structure; automate onboarding of institute members
  • Build mentorship opportunity into annual CTF workshop
  • Build DEI activity into annual June conference
  • Perform climate survey to gauge current institute members experiences, which we can repeat in future years so that we have metric for meeting our goals.
  • Establish institute-wide recruitment event or resource for our individual higher education institutes to showcase institute opportunities
  • Evaluate and improve institute website for accessibility
3rd-5th years:
  • Articulate actionable items and best practices for educators/researchers/workshop organizers of our institute, with the goal of cultivating a sense of belonging
  • Continually collect demographic information and identify groups that are underrepresented with respect to national demographics
  • Routinely evaluate success of stated goals through post event evaluations


Code of Conduct Policy: [VIEW]